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From the Prairies to the Pacific.

Got a flickering bulb in Calgary or a power hiccup on the Salish Sea? Fear not! BAFF Electrical is here to brighten your day. They’re experts who pack a punch of professional service with a dash of fun, always lighting up your day while keeping your power steady and strong.

Residential Electrical

A home is more than a place – it’s a personal haven that demands safe, efficient power. Right here, find top-quality residential electrical services designed to meet your every need. From intricate home wiring solutions to cutting-edge smart home installations, everything is catered to make your home safe, efficient, and comfortable.

Living in comfort and security.

Whether it’s routine maintenance, timely repairs, or transformative upgrades, every task is tackled with the utmost professionalism and care. Enhance your living experience, save on energy costs, and illuminate the future of your home with unwavering confidence.

  • Smart Home Installations Step into the future with intelligent home systems. Enjoy comfort, convenience, and energy savings at the touch of a button.
  • House Rewiring Ensure safety and efficiency in every corner of your home. Professional rewiring upgrades your system and supports all your power needs.
  • Backup Generator Solutions Be prepared for power outages. Keep your home running smoothly with reliable backup power.
  • Regular Home Safety Checks Enjoy peace of mind with routine inspections. Prevent potential electrical issues from becoming hazardous problems.
  • Prompt Repairs Quick, expert response to your electrical problems. Keep your home safe and comfortable with minimal interruption.

Commercial Electrical

Running a business requires a lot of power – power you can trust. From top-tier office wiring solutions to state-of-the-art energy management systems, expect to find the highest quality commercial electrical services right here.

Power you can trust.

Safety and efficiency form the bedrock of these services, so you can focus on what matters most – your business. Whether it’s tackling complex installations, routine maintenance, or rapid-response repairs, every task is handled with professional care. Get ready to fuel your productivity, cut your energy costs, and light the path to your company’s bright future.

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting Transform your workspace into a productive, energy-saving hub. Benefit from lower energy bills and a comfortable working environment.
  • Electrical System Upgrades Handle growing power needs confidently. Ensure your operations remain safe and efficient with expert system upgrades.
  • Backup Generator Installation Prevent power outages from slowing down business. Enjoy peace of mind with continuous power supply solutions.
  • Routine Maintenance and Inspections Keep your system running smoothly. Regular checks nip potential problems in the bud, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Emergency Repairs Fast, effective response when it matters most. Stay ahead of unexpected electrical issues and minimize business downtime.